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What is HuwmanCode?
HuwmanCode is a collection of libraries intended to enhance the base class libraries for developers writing F#.
The initial focus of the framework is improving the F# development experience for Windows Services. Write Windows Services in F# entirely and debug it seamlessly!


0.2 Beta has been released

Features seamless debug support enabled for VS 2010 - Place a breakpoint in your service code and run! (Make sure to install the service first!)
  • Create a Windows Service project using the HuwmanCode.ServiceProcess.* classes as shown in the samples project.
  • Add a reference to the HuwmanCode.ServiceProcess.DebugSupport library from your service project.
  • Compile and install your services
  • Place a breakpoint within code that executes as a service and start debugging!

I hope you enjoy this feature, please provide feedback on any bugs you may experience using the issue tracker feature of Code Plex.

Highlights of the framework

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